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Build Cost: Free

Running cost: Quantum Credits

Storage: 100m2 solid storage

The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.

- Plato, The Republic

Zone Admin Centers administrate all buildings in a City Zone.  The most advanced computational systems are used to great effect to boost all production but they increase the Security a city requires to operate.  Most buildings require road connections to a Zone Admin Center: distance decreases their service levels and thus efficiency.

  • All production in a city stops if the city runs out of Quantum Credits.
  • Buildings in a zone can not be upgraded to a higher level than the Zone Admin Center (ZAC)'s level.
  • Each zone requires one.
  • All buildings need to be connected to the zone admin center by roads.
  • The further away from the ZAC a building is the less it produces. Distance is measured via the shortest road (the distance in the number of road tiles placed, not radius from ZAC). Each 1 distance multiplicatively reduces admin efficiency by 1%.