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Release date: 12 May 2020


  • Harnesses and Ancient Drone Cores are now consumable
  • Consumables can grant instant effects, mission-long effects or permanent power-ups

Underground Storage[]

  • Can now be built in every city using knowledge - at a premium
  • Cost decreases with your warehouse technology
  • Costs increase the more underground storage you build
  • Decreases the need for surface storage

Balance Changes[]

  • Significantly increased the chance of getting good items
  • Removed the Credits on Salvage and Ancient Processors on Salvage mods
  • 200% increase in building mat drops from enemies
  • Increased building mat main mission rewards by 400%
  • Halved the amount of crates found in missions, but increased their loot by 400%
  • Reduced Coal Mine production by 50%
  • Reduced Water Pumping Station production by 50%
  • Reduced Ancient Circuits from main mission rewards by 50%
  • Reduced the effect of Better Items on main mission rewards by 50%
  • Reduced Ancient Processors gained from salvaging items by 50%
  • Reduced the cooldown on crafting machines to 1s (down from 3s)
  • No more Ancient Circuits when you get Ancient Neural Nets or Ancient Processors from salvaging an item
  • Items can no longer drop higher than your Highest Reward Difficulty (removed the +2 levels)
  • Halved the chance for loot explosions from mobs
  • More Items now affects crafting machines and chests
  • Boomers now offer consistent cast times on their Boom skill and their damage and HP triggers have also been revisited
  • Boomers now deal Explosive Damage that is not affected by armor
  • Removed gear attrition (now replaced by mod levels)
  • Halved item size for hulls, engines and corvettes
  • Reworked Irrigation Bonus on Farms
    • Reduced Farm base production from 0.75 to 0.13 to compensate
  • Movement Speed mods are now restricted to back, legs, offhand and feet

Quality of Life[]

  • Invulnerable is now Shielded
  • The Commodity Viewers' tooltips now also shows the size of individual items
  • Added a "Exit Dungeon" button
  • The "for main character only" tooltip will now clearly state who will receive the reward and only show when there are multiple players in a party
  • Adjusted exposure levels of light
  • Added a shortcut to remove UI if players wants to record video (Alt +Z)
  • Players can now teleport to other players in a city when in a party
  • Added visuals for drops from machines (Instead of blocks)

Bug fixes[]

  • Item weight now scales 15% per difficulty again, down from 20%
  • Fixed Irrigation bonus not showing consistently across farms and water pumps
  • Fixed zooming in the lab being in too large increments
  • Fixed orc having funny feet when running
  • Fixed blurry name plates


  • You can now see QC`s from the store window
  • Implemented a early version of teleport to other players in a party
  • Exit dungeon button is now available in dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where you cant see other players stats when creating a party in a city