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Release date: 28 April 2020

Multiplayer city building[]

  • Multiple players can now participate in building a city by joining a party with the owner

Production Info[]

  • You can now get a lot of details about a city's production by visiting the Production Info window (F4)
  • The old production tooltip in the city's top panel has been removed

Mobilize Security[]

  • Cities can now mobilize their security, converting it into Security Drones (Costs 5 security per security drone)
  • Security Drones can be transported to other cities and deployed there (1 drone gives 1 security)

Cities as mission rewards[]

  • Cities can now be rewarded as a mission reward
    • This will only be given to the main character of each mission
  • You will automatically be taken to your new city upon mission completion
  • A city is now rewarded as part of the campaign


  • Reduced Water Pumping Station base production from 5 per hour to 2
  • Reduced Farm base production from 1.5 to 0.75
  • Roads adjacent to warehouses now provide a 60% multiplicative bonus (no longer 100% additive)
  • Reduces base warehouse storage from 500m2 to 100m2
  • Halved building mats from missions
  • Halved ancient crafting mats from mission objectives
  • Building mats yet again require no storage
  • Missions no longer reward anything but security to cities
    • Doubled the QCs gained from boosting a mission
  • Solar Panels are now affected by Sun Size
  • Zone Admin Centers no longer cost any building mats

Quality of Life[]

  • Commodities Viewer:
    • Improved storage display and added exact storage usage in a tooltip
    • Added storage usage per hour and time until full
  • Water pumping stations now show the irrigation bonus that they give
  • Implicit now shows next to all implicit mods
  • Buildings will now notify you when you can retrofit them to better technology
  • Building retrofits are now locally simulated
  • The Building Menu is now a window
  • Chat messages now have timestamps
  • Shortened the new player campaign
  • The campaign now varies theme and main mission objectives
  • Made some minor adjustments to visuals in menu's
  • Adjusted some lights to be not as bright in certain areas

Bug fixes[]

  • Cancelling a market order will now immediately show the refunded commodities
  • Water pumping stations now calculated their water table bonuses correctly
  • All planetary resources are now more abundant
  • The rare earth resource table has received a rework to grant more 6/6s - this will affect existing titanium mines
  • Players can now click anywhere on the interim housing for selection
  • Fixed some walls that players could walk through in the dungeon
  • Enemy credits and mats now apply reward difficulty instead of mission difficulty
  • Will no longer show Drones Offline if some drones are trained
  • Implicit mods are no longer reset when an item is reset
  • Fixed enemy health going into negative values
  • You can now build on the first tile in a zone again
  • Fixed a source of "enumeration modified" bugs
  • Items can no longer drop above the players maximum cleared solo difficulty
  • The help will no longer show every time you enter a city
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException with Tab on the login page
  • Added additional logging and visualization towards identifying connection issues
  • Players can now successfully create alt characters again
  • Made the Ballistic Helmet cosmetic item free again
  • Fixed a bug where players would leave a party but portrait remained