Deutonium Wiki

Release date: 21 Apr 2020

Square Meters[]



We added two new assets to help the City Builders

Both of these do not require roads to function.


  • Lab input materials now scale with papers produced.
  • Turbulence now only gives 100% power at level 1 (down from 150%).
  • Warehouses now gain 100% extra storage per adjacent road.
  • Only roads and houses are now affected by the number of adjacent roads.
  • Added limits to high-level NPC missions' rewards until you have unlocked that level.

Quality of Life & Minor improvements[]

  • Improved zone boundary coloring and corners
  • Doubled movement speed in cities
  • Removed the Wood commodity
  • Water will no longer show full warnings
  • Commodity Viewer now shows tooltips with exact numbers of each commodity
  • Fleet transfers now allow you to transfer all (*), X days (e.g. 5d), X weeks (e.g. 4w)
  • Added loading indicators for parts of a city that is loading around you
  • Clothing on characters no longer clips through player
  • Players will be able to see other players races now

Bug fixes[]

  • Removed a ghost window in space
  • More lighting and texture issues resolved
  • The right body will now load after character selection
  • Ctrl+D text is now visible again
  • You will now start on the ground when a city loads
  • If something happens that lets you fall through the ground you will now return to solid ground much faster
  • Fixed a bug where the chat is not appearing in RTS (Space)
  • 5/5 Civilization Attribute planets can now be found
  • Market orders will now update their displays correctly again
  • Fixed Water resource that kept appearing and disappearing
  • Adjusted character animations in city


  • Commodities panel is real-time again
  • Fixed a bug where city commodities would display incorrectly
  • Cosmetic items have been re-integrated
  • Fixed mesh error when placing Solar Panels
  • Corrected Ancient Circuits tally
  • Resource scanner is working again
  • Armour now sits correctly on character