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Release date: 24 March 2020

Window system improvements[]

  • Better focus and better positioning of windows is now available in space
  • Many windows in space can now be resized

Bug fixes & Quality of Life[]

  • Fixed several texture issues
  • Fixed several client-side physics issues
  • Several lighting improvements
  • Fixed auras not always showing their remaining duration
  • Fly no longer cancels building
  • Fixed charge axe's cooldown now displaying correctly
  • Fixed NullReferenceExceptions in later steps of the campaign
  • The mouse is now available when a campaign window is visible
  • Khadrod's halo is now disable when he is interrupted
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException during mission load
  • Fixed inventory and chat overlapping
  • Fixed a hole in the hull of the spaceship in some spaceship missions
  • The done tooltip will no longer keep showing
  • Login will now remember the last universe you have connected to
  • Improved scaling for the login page
  • Improved tutorial text
  • Improved Titan Strike's animation

Hotfix 1[]

  • Fixed the market not working
  • Fixed death animation issues
  • Improved lighting in tunnesl
  • Fixed some more texture issues
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when switching to the Elf in the wardrobe
  • Fixed machines not showing any animation/halo when processing
  • Updated crafted item spawn points
  • Khadrod's boom effect is now visible again