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Release date: 18 March 2020

What's up in the universe?[]

  • The Federation has a market stimulus program running: Building Materials, Quantum Credits and Research Papers are for sale in bulk.
  • Season 3 is running: Gain at least 50 levels to earn 1 000 Quantum Credits. The top 5 receive an additional 10 000 Quantum Credits.

What's New?[]

  • High Definition rendering
  • The Training Gauntlet
    • Our first 14 mission campaign is now available to play
    • Intended as a tutorial campaign, it unlocks several features as you progress
    • Crates are now available once they are unlocked via the campaign - including in difficulty 1 and 2 missions
  • Mission Points
  • A new main objective type for missions: Find the exit
  • Login and account management
    • Removed passwords from the login flow
    • Added /sim.DeleteAccount to delete an account
  • Improved menu system for cities and space:
    • Now on the left again
    • Flatter menu system with higher readability
  • Several improvements to the building selector UI
  • Missions can now roll without a side objective
  • Two new Mission Modifiers:
    • 10% - 100% more QC interactable chance
    • 10% - 100% more item interactable chance
  • QC Scanning (see Missions)
    • Quantum Credits can no longer directly roll as a mission reward
    • You can now add Quantum Credits to any mission by scanning for them (which costs Mission Intel)
  • Cities now receive 20% tax on missions that you complete (down from 50%)
    • This now includes your own cities (previously the owner received nothing when running from their own cities)
    • You can get an idea of how much tax a city earns from the City Financials window
    • See City Mission Tax
  • Upgrading buildings to max with Y will now instantly reflect their new level in the UI
  • Better chat color for your own messages
  • Charcharosaurus will now drop harasses instead of items
  • Improved the building selector UI to point out what materials are in the city and how to deposit them
  • Reduced the amount of interactables in dungeons
  • You can now fly higher and faster in cities

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed the outpost list not always sorting correctly
  • Fixed a source of NullReferenceExceptions when moving around and clicking on UI elements at the same time
  • Fixed a new NullReferenceException that could happen when opening orders in the Market
  • Fixed two issues around tech synchronization: particularly affecting jittery upgrades in the lab under latency
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling in the building selector
  • Fixed physics for some walls
  • Fixed targeting for mysterious eggs
  • Fixed mine placement in city tiles
  • Fixed some window scaling issues
  • Fixed physics for lucanops