Release date: 19 Feb 2020

What's New?

  • New enemies
  • New boss
  • More variety in dungeons
  • Several interactables are now available throughout missions. These give quantum credits or items when used.
  • You can interrupt boomers with the new interrupt skill
  • Camp site has been renamed to House
  • Keybindings can now be configured from the Settings page

Balance Changes

  • Gathering ad-hocs no longer scale with party size
  • Halved the damage required by the take damage ad-hoc
  • Charge Axe now has a 10-second cooldown
  • Memory Protocol now grants 0.5% XP per point (down from 1% XP per point)

Quality of Life

  • Lumber mill trees now allow you to walk beneath them
  • Windows in space can now be moved around

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where outpost and fleet counts would not update until the Fleets window was opened
  • Fixed an issue where the outpost list would not update when you transfer resources to/from a fleet
  • Fixed an issue where players would get too high XP in multiplayer dungeons (client-side only)
  • Fixed a null-reference exception regarding action bars
  • Fixed a visual issue with booming spiders
  • Fixed some inconsistent dungeon physics
  • Healing when running no longer makes the player's feet drag
  • Buy and transfer city now checks the per-player city cap
  • Fixed several sounds that did not have settings applied
  • Several fixes to settings
  • [Hotfix] Improved camera positioning in dungeons
  • [Hotfix] Warehouse deposit button stays stuck after clicking
  • [Hotfix] Warehouse withdraw/deposit buttons now have a tooltip
  • [Hotfix] Outpost + city windows now work again
  • [Hotfix] Middle mouse now opens the radial menu in cities again
  • [Hotfix] Clicking on actions in the city radial menu now closes it again
  • [Hotfix] Keybindings not always working
  • [Hotfix] Windows in space can now be moved again
  • [Hotfix] Doors no longer ignore sound settings
  • [Hotfix] Spaceship sound effects no longer ignore mixer settings
  • [Hotfix] Background music in dungeons no longer play briefly before audio volume is applied
  • [Hotfix] Player death sound no longer ignores audio settings
  • [Hotfix] Spider deaths no longer ignore audio volume
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