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Release date: 28 Jan 2020

Opponent levels[]

  • Opponents in dungeons now have different levels.
  • Levels range from Difficulty to Difficulty + 2
  • The boss is always level Difficulty + 2 (except in Mission Difficulty 1)
  • Item drops now match the mob's level

Accuracy and Dodge[]

  • Miss and Dodge are now the same thing
  • Accuracy Rating is checked against an opponent's Dodge Rating to determine Hit Chance
  • See Accuracy
  • Light as a Feather has been adjusted to grant Dodge Rating instead of Dodge Chance
  • Dodge Rating can now roll on all gear that can roll Armour

Quality of Life[]

  • Y now upgrades any building to max level
  • The fleet load / unload window can now be dragged
  • Further improvements to the Space UI
  • Market windows now have more appropriate sizes
  • The market item list can now be scrolled
  • The fleet travel UI will now prevent you from travelling too far
  • Dash Charge on Kill is now visible on the Character Info Panel

Visual Improvements[]

  • Buildings in cities are now considerably larger
  • Many incremental improvements to city UI visuals
  • Dash and Limb charges are now visible on the respective skills
  • Headgear now fits the character better

Balance Changes[]

  • Research paper rewards now scale with dungeon size

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed: Mobs deal more damage on-screen than they actually do
  • Fixed: Item crafting not updating item stats
  • Fixed: "sprite=0" in parties window
  • Fixed: "Fleet still in transit" when moving a fleet
  • Fixed an issue where deleting buildings quickly after each other could cause ghost buildings
  • View Sector can now be closed its the close button
  • Paper Mill production is now checked after Lumber Mill production