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Release date: 31 December 2019


Final Bosses[]

  • Khadrod: Will attempt to suicide bomb you when he reaches 50% life
  • Silentlegs: Has a frequently usable invulnerability field


  • Kamikazes have been renamed Boomers
  • Boomers now show their damage range - which is now different from enemy to enemy
  • Boomers can now trigger their Boom ability at different HP thresholds
  • All boomers now have basic attacks
  • The Ripper will now occasionally have the Boom ability

Reset Items[]

  • Reset Item is a new crafting process that clears all the stats from an item which costs Ancient Processors.
  • For now you can access this crafting process by holding Left Shift when sealing an item.

New Mods[]


  • Added several new tiles to make missions look more interesting
  • Improved control over procedural decor
  • Several enhancements to dungeon sound
  • Added post-processing
  • The Tunnels now have lighting that enables as you explore a dungeon


  • Enemies now have a chance to drop credits when killed
  • Salvaging items no longer rewards credits - unless they have the Credits on Salvage mod
  • Power on Chop/Swing rolls doubled
  • Doubled HP and Power from seals
  • Rings can now be sealed with Power per Memory or HP per Survival

Minor fixes and enhancements[]

  • Drones now have temporary invulnerability
  • Enabled a first round of post-processing
  • Improved the smoothness of skill animations
  • C will no longer crouch when entered in the chat
  • Opening your inventory will now prevent your character from moving
  • Reduced the size of spider swarm colliders
  • Fixed the XP multiplier tooltip
  • Power on Explored Dash now rolls appropriate power values again



  • Added background music to cities

Minor fixes and enhancements[]

  • Zone Admin Center level 1 now costs 5 Quantum Credits per day to maintain (down from 10)
  • Enabled a first round of post-processing
  • The Market and Tech Tree are now available from the city menu
  • Added a tooltip to the resource bar's building materials display where you can see the exact amount of materials you and the city have.
  • Building tooltips no longer interfere with the mouse's ability to select other buildings.
  • Building upgrade costs now reflect in building tooltips again
    • Upgrade costs are now integer and exactly matches displayed upgrade quotes
  • Commodities in the commodity panel and the warehouse window are now sorted alphabetically
  • Notifications are now sorted from most recent to least recent again
  • Warehouses and windmills now show their admin efficiency in their tooltips again
  • Fixed a case where building tooltips could show the wrong level cap
  • Improved mouse over detection for the Camp Site
  • You can now start missions by middle-mousing the dungeon portal
  • Adventurer's Guilds can now be toggled

Research Papers[]

New technology[]

  • The Tech Tree is reset with the introduction of new technology
  • All new buildings, camp sites and warehouses' production can now be increased using tech
  • All existing buildings keep their current modifiers - you need to upgrade/rebuild for them to get new modifiers