Deutonium Wiki

Release date: 22 November 2019

Dungeon Objectives[]

  • Dungeon Objectives are now displayed in the top-right corner
  • Multiple possible rewards (see the wiki article for details)
  • Time in Dungeon is now also displayed in the objectives panel
  • Dungeons now have much larger size variance
    • The size of a dungeon is displayed next to it's instance number - higher is bigger
    • Larger dungeons offer bigger completion rewards
  • Unlocking higher gear is now a dungeon reward
    • Will only be visible in large dungeons of higher difficulty than you have cleared before
  • Side objectives added for exploration and killing enemies
    • Can grant permanent stats

More building[]

With many city builder features underway building is becoming a more integral part of Deutonium. As such, we feel that making it a larger part of total playtime is now possible:

  • Building mat rewards from dungeons completion increased
  • Building mats from crates and totems tripled
  • For every mat you have personally gathered ever, you have been given another 2

New player friendliness[]

  • Objectives now help new players to discover many parts of the RPG
  • Interaction text for crates and items

City changes[]

  • Cities have been recalculated with this patch
  • Upgraded the visuals for roads
  • Adventurer's Guilds now offer storage for ancient circuits, ancient neural nets and ancient processors
  • Admin Efficiency

RTS changes[]

  • Drone Parts display improved in the scout and build panels
  • Fixed a null reference exception with new fleets and transfers
  • Fixed outpost commodities panel wrapping
  • Increased readability of the new build panels
  • Outpost and fleet lists now show days of remaining stock
  • For a limited time Trained QDPs can now be gained from your own corvettes in PvE combat


  • Players can now place and pick up flags
  • Flags are also visible to other players
  • Helps to keep track of what has and has not been explored

RPG changes[]

  • [Hotfix v0.47] Several fixes to the inventory system
  • Character equipment is now visible
  • Added the experience bar
  • More items now shares an exclusivity group with XP %, Mat % and Credits %
  • Further improvements to netcode for dungeons
  • Enemies now have an even shorter memory (until we give them some brains)
  • Fixed the Building Mat multiplier display in the character info tooltip
  • Buff refresh will now reset the displayed timers
  • Dash rebalance
    • Base distance reduced to 8m (from 10m)
    • Now scales with Agility and other movement speed multipliers
    • Introduced the Dash Momentum Upskill
    • Added the Power on Explored Dash Upskill
  • Titan Strike rebalance
  • Heal rebalance
    • Halved power cost, cooldown and healing done
  •  % Sweep Damage added