Release date: 12 November 2019


  • RPG
    • Upskilling a common / uncommon item now costs 0.25x/0.5x as much
    • Upskilling an item no longer increases its rarity
    • Sealing a common / uncommon item now costs 0.25x/0.5x as much
    • Power on chop/swing and Charged Axe duration can now only drop iLvl 3+ items
    • Magic and rare items can drop rarely in dungeon difficulties 1-4
    • Attributes gained from levels are now clearly shown in attribute tooltips
    • Increased new player DPS by 25%
    • Added Orc portraits to RPG
  • City
    • [v0.46 Hotfix] Removing a building will now give back the full mats used to build it (was 90%)
    • Deleting a city will now refund all of the materials used to build it and all the commodities in its warehouses
    • Housing now takes 6 hours to fill (down from 24 hours). This makes it more realistic to build corvette-manufacturing bases
    • Camp Site upgrades now start at 15 mats (down from 20 mats)
    • Titanium Mine upgrades now cost 60 mats (down from 80 mats)
    • Improved the production tooltip to fit more buildings
    • Fixed a calculation issue with shipyards not checking new population when you were offline for a long time
  • RTS
    • [v0.46 Hotfix] Dimensions now roll all banded rolls differently (this hotfix prevents an exploit)
    • Removed the neighbor system
    • Fleet and Outpost combat now have less predictable outcomes: each side can be up to twice as strong as predicted. You will need at least 2x as much combat strength to guarantee a win
    • Both sides of every battle now receives a detailed combat report in their notifications window
    • Earth planets now have a much higher base Deutonium multiplier
    • Planet buttons are now bigger


  • We are now releasing updates via Steam
  • You can still log in with your username + password for a short while
  • All new account registrations have to happen from Steam

More inventory space

  • Inventory now has 11 separate bag pages that can be used to store a lot more/favourite items.
    • Items can't be swapped with each other across pages (yet)

Improved RTS resource system

Richer resources

Trained QDPs

  • PvP combat with an outpost will now drop Trained QDPs
  • Drone part cost has reduced to 2 titanium (down from 3)
    • Why? QDPs make drones more of a target and they should be on equal footing with corvettes for defense on the worst possible planets. Making them more than 50% cheaper than corvettes encourages using drones instead of corvettes for defense under all circumstances.

New fleet transfer dialog

  • Fleets can now transport most commodities
  • The dialog will only show commodities that are available from the source
  • Added scrolling to support a lot more commodities

RTS interact modes & build upgrades

You can now select between scout, attack, build and collect modes to define what details of a planet are visible.

Build mode now has a revamped UI which shows a lot more information pertinent to building.

Bug fixes + infrastructure

  • [v0.46 Hotfix] Fixed lost city resource calculations
  • [v0.46 Hotfix] Shipyards can now produce corvettes again
  • Disconnects during login will now make the login button available again
  • Steam login will now be available after disconnecting
  • When allocating a stat fails, it will now be rolled back client-side
  • Further improvements to netcode and server performance: less lag spikes, less disconnects
  • Outpost rolls are now persisted the next time you interact with an outpost - if we tinker with the fabric of outposts again they will keep their stats
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