Deutonium Wiki

Release date: 5 Nov 2019

*Cities have been reset due to major changes - all resources have been refunded

New buildings[]

  • A short guide can be found here: Building a city
  • You may now place a Zone Admin Center in every city zone (no more than 1)
    • Buildings in a zone can not have a higher level than the zone admin center
    • Zone Admin Centers require Population to upgrade
  • Upgrading buildings now costs 10% more for every additional level
    • Reworked building costs to create more engaging cost models
  • Roads now connect buildings to each other
    • Buildings not connected to the Zone Admin Center have no production

Multiplayer Dungeon Improvements[]

  • See Multiplayer Dungeons
  • Dungeons now scale with players entering/leaving:
    • +100% enemy HP for each additional player
    • +30% enemy damage for each additional player
    • Players gain +30% HP and Power for each additional player
  • New multiplayer play-style: Healer
    • Heal is now AoE
    • Heal now scales with intelligence
  • New multiplayer play-style: Chanter
    • Battle chant duration can now be doubled with upskill rolls
  • New multiplayer play-style: Looter
    • Power on chop/swing now grants power to all players in the dungeon
    • Upskills can also increase charged axe duration
    • The building material rewarded for a crate is now based on the looter's building mat multiplier

Space upgrades[]

  • Outposts now use banded rolls. This creates some very lucrative planets.
  • You can now have cities on multiple planets
    • Cities can be accessed/added/removed from the RTS
    • Hint: Use this feature to position your resource production closer to your outposts


  • Trade orders now have their credits per unit restricted to 2 decimals accuracy
  • Salvaging re-balanced
  • Warehouse: Withdraw All will now withdraw everything except building materials
  • Reduced gear attrition
  • Bonus credit multiplier from gear can now roll 20% (up from 10%)
  • New mods
    • Added better items and battle chant duration
    • Added the more items mod
      • Slightly lower base item drop chance
      • In multiplayer dungeons every player now has their own item drop chance

Bug fixes & infrastructure[]

  • Removed "Label" from the Spaceship interact dialog
  • Pressing I in chat no longer opens the commodities window
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when upgrading buildings
  • Warehouses now have all relevant technologies applied to them
  • Removed incorrect old Vitality tooltip
  • Two-handed items can now roll new mods again
  • Fixed some causes of enumeration cannot be modified in the market
  • Fixed "given key not present" errors when selecting an attribute on a new character
  • Continued to optimize network code (less lag spikes)
  • Enemies will no longer show with < 0 health if you hit hard
  • /return sim.LatencyMs now returns results to both chat tabs