Deutonium Wiki

Release Date: 28 Oct 2019

Gameplay changes[]

  • Outposts can now have up to 1000 deutonium mines each
    • Each mine level now costs 10% more titanium and uses 10% more supplies than the previous
  • Building materials and credits are now continually awarded to players during dungeons
  • Killing a dungeon boss now rewards substantial amounts of building materials
  • Sealing/upskilling an item will now upgrade its rarity.
  • Ancient Circuits, Ancient Processors and Ancient Neural Nets can now be salvaged in dungeons
    • Circuits are always salvaged. Processors and Neural Nets have a small chance of being salvaged.
    • New inventory slots display how much of each you have gathered in the dungeon
    • The new commodities tab in the city (I) shows all player & city commodities
    • The warehouse now supports new commodity types
  • Ancient Circuits, Ancient Processors and Ancient Neural Nets are now used in crafting.
  • All the new commodities are now tradeable at the market.
  • Added the new +(0-5)s Charged Axe duration mod.
  • Battle Chant and Charge Axe will now apply to all players within 10m.
  • Enemy HP now scales with the amount of players in a dungeon.
  • Added sealed mods
    • HP per Vitality can now roll on some slots (base has been reduced to 12)
    • HP / 5s x Vitality can now roll on some slots
    • Power per Intelligence can now roll on some slots (base has been removed)
    • Power / 5s x Int can now roll on some slots
  • The following buildings can now be placed:

Balance changes[]

  • Credits now scale with dungeon exponential factors (was linear factors)
  • Linear loot scaling in dungeons is now capped to Max Solo Difficulty + 2
  • Salvage rewards now scale exponentially with item level
  • Two-handed items are now worth twice as much as other items
  • Reduced Power Regen / 5s from gear

UI Improvements[]

  • Many upgrades to building visuals
  • Lab label is now more visible
  • Improved the orc player character's walking animation

Bug fixes & infrastructure[]

  • Fixed an issue prevent fleets from transferring supplies that they carry
  • Typing 1 in the City chat no longer makes the player fly
  • Tooltips now show on city initial load
  • All attributes is now a real stat
  • The warehouse now truncates displayed percentage of transfer to integers
  • Zone Admin Center text no longer truncates
  • All Attributes is now a real stat
  • Charge Axe is now a buff
  • Enhance, upskill and seal will now properly multiply 2h item stats
  • Deposit All now honors warehouse caps
  • Buildings can no longer be placed in the sky
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException in PlaceBuildings
  • Fixed Tooltip still displaying while selecting buildings