Deutonium Wiki

Release Date: 22 Oct 2019


You can now craft your items to increase their statistics significantly. For a limited time crafting has no cost!

UI Improvements[]

  • Numbers between 10 and 99 will now show with 1 decimal accuracy (floored) in most places
  • RPG
    • Other players in multiplayer runs now have box pants too
    • Added a player buff bar
  • City Builder
    • Improved building interaction menu
    • Continued improvements to the building menu
  • RTS
    • Improved fleet tooltips to only show commodities that the fleet has

Bug fixes + infrastructure[]

  • Added the domain
  • Further improvements to networking to better support lag spikes, large downloads and slow connections.
  • Better error messages around connection issues.
  • Fixed some cases where transferring resources between fleets and outposts/cities would not update all UI panels.
  • RPG
    • Health Regen now correctly displays as a constant rather than a percentage.
    • Removed several targeting exceptions.
    • Further improvements to physics during dungeon loading.
    • No more placing Main hand to 1h slots or 2h etc.
    • Fixed out of bounds exceptions in the inventory panel.
    • Fixed a null reference exception related to updating inventory items.
    • Fixed a visual bug when quickly switching items into/out of the inventory.
  • City
    • Fixed notifications not displaying.
    • Replaced help text on the warehouse with actual help text.
    • The notifications panel now shows notification text again and has a title during loading.
    • You can now retrofit max level buildings without having building mats available.
    • Performance improved.