Deutonium Wiki

Release date: 14 October 2019

New systems[]

  • Gear attrition
  • Crafting
    • Crafting UIs are not functional yet, but items dropping have a chance to include crafting benefits.
    • Added Power on Chop/Swing, which can be rolled when you Upskill an item.
  • Cities are now viewed top-down by default. Hold the right-mouse button to change this.
  • Flying
    • Press 1 to fly in cities

New enemies[]

  • Added Insectobot to the Spaceship theme.
  • Added Drone to the Spaceship theme.
  • Added Boss Ripper to the Spaceship theme.
  • Added Killer Mantis to the Tunnels theme.
  • Spiders, Crawlers and Boss Spider can no longer spawn in the Spaceship theme. (Spider Swarm can)

UI Improvements[]

  • Added a dozen+ pages to wiki explaining a lot more core gameplay.
  • Added new decor to the spaceship.
  • RPG
    • Improved targeting reticle visibility.
    • Hovering over an item will display it's specifications like when hovered over in the inventory.
    • Pressing 'E' will only pick up the closest item again.
    • Power On Hit is now visible on the character sheet.
    • Fixed a bug preventing character levels from persisting.
    • Players who disconnect / finish a dungeon are now removed from the dungeon properly.
    • Improved dungeon loading to have less inconsistencies.
  • City Builder
    • Updated UI functionality and display of City Builder
    • Improved building selection.
    • Updated Character controls and character.
    • Changed build pointer to represent the item being placed (this is placeholders for now until we can get better models).
    • Deposit All / Only mats to warehouse.

Balance changes[]

  • No more market seeding: Markets need to be driven by players.
  • Reduced the amount of power on hit that can roll on rings.
  • Armour can no longer roll on jewelry or weaponry, but can roll twice as high on off-hands.
  • Tripled power regeneration from gear - this makes power regen a more competitive option vs power on hit.
  • All mob stats in difficulty 2 dungeons have been decreased.
  • Doubled the drop rate of building mats to encourage more city building.
  • As a result of crafting (this chance is high until the enhancement UI is available)
    • Increased mob HP by 30%.
    • Items now have a chance to roll enhanced.
    • Items now have a chance to roll upskilled.
    • Items now have a chance to roll sealed.
  • Health Regen is no longer a percentage:
    • Water totems now regenerate 100% of their life to all allies every 5 seconds.
    • Players start with 20 hp regen / 5s.
    • Health Regen can now roll on gear (see Item Modifiers).

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed " is now online" being shown for invalid logins.
  • Fixed overly aggressive reserved usernames.
  • RPG
    • Main-hand and off-hand can no longer be placed in 2h slot.
    • Physics is now paused during dungeon load.
    • Players can no longer respawn over each other.
    • Added skill result synchronization between the client and the server - this clears up most remaining exceptions regarding skill usage.
      • Removed the power reserve requirements.
    • Power on Hit now only works when the enemy was hit.
  • RTS
    • Claiming or disbanding an outpost will now update the outpost counter.
  • City Builder
    • Windmill interfering with upgrading and spamming errors in the log.
    • Fixed several issues with UI overlays on buildings.
    • Several occurrences of tile empty / full exceptions when trying to place a building.
    • Fixed a bug where shipyard production was not being calculated correctly.