Deutonium Wiki

Release Date: 8 October 2019


- Cities are now built with building materials from warehouses

Power rework[]

  • ===All skills now cost more power to use at higher difficulties===
  • Power regen is now a constant rather than a percentage of max power
    • Can roll on back, feet, chest, head, legs, waist, main-hand, off-hand, two-handed
    • Higher item levels give more power regen (10% exponential scale per item level)
  • Power is now attainable from all gear slots
    • Higher item levels give more power (10% exponential scale per item level)
    • Power on hit is now attainable from rings, hands, back, wrists and head
  • Higher item levels give more power on hit (10% exponential scale per item level)
  • Power per point of intelligence increased to 1

Resources within a city are now capped[]

Each production building increases the cap for their outputs
Warehouses can be upgraded to increase the caps further

Balance changes[]

  • Decreased building costs to 90 mats
  • Armour can now roll on all gear slots

UI Improvements[]

  • City Builder: 
    • Added a grid to the city
    • Added a tooltip to explain that tech is applied when upgrading buildings
  • RPG:
    • Added a targeting reticle
    • Added support for looting multiple items around the targeting reticle with E

Bug fixes[]

  • You can now run multiple instances of the game client again
  • Super-high FPS (700+) was causing issues on some machines.  Added an FPS cap and dropped vSync to fix this (please report if you still get issues).
  • Net:
    • Increased TCP timeout to improve handling of bad connections
    • Changed to TCP port 5222 which is used for other games (this should reduce ISP-based shaping)
  • City Builder: 
    • Fixed “Tile is Empty” exceptions
    • Fixed an issue where building would disappear if you left a city shortly after building them
    • Fixed an issue where you could spend resources but buildings built with them are not saved
  • RPG: 
    • Reduced rubberbanding
    • Reduced lag spikes in dungeons due to saving character data
    • Reduced lag as a result of many players in a dungeon
    • Added additional logging to help us detect & isolate the causes of lag
    • Tooltips for items will update when moving the mouse
    • Fixed highlights staying after an item is swapped with left click within the inventory
    • Player no model no longer animates while chat is being used
    • Other players’ bodies no longer stay behind when they use the exit portal
    • Fixed an issue where mobs could spawn stuck in walls
    • Players leaving a dungeon are now removed from server physics checks
    • You can no longer dash through enemies
    • Fixed some cases where exceptions could happen during a slow login
    • Fixed several cases where totems could spawn inside of larger decor
    • Fixed some cases where items could end up in broken locations, preventing players from loading into dungeons
    • Fixed some potentially buggy swap item scenarios