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A small step for the Turabi, a giant leap for Deutonium.

The Turabi Paperboy as seen in game

Today the Turabi paperboy is introduced to Deutonium. You can access this NPC by placing it in your city. This allows you to sell your city to the Turabi Empire, but their interested in paper because they need it for the pesky Research Paper we all crave.

"Places a million friends in my own city"

What we added:

  • First NPC: Turabi Paperboy
  • Found under the Placeables menu in cities
  • Buys player cities that produce paper. Pays the player based on the paper produced in the city per hour (price linked to paper production)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed toggling first person mode on the UI not working.
  • Fixed worms animation in city.
  • Fixed mission objectives in GHW.
  • Fixed Roads clipping into each other when snapped.
  • Road Loading Bay One Side can now be deleted.
  • Adjusted colliders in LWH to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Nanites, Batteries and Acceleron spell cooldowns fixed.

Minor Bug Fixes (5)