To migrate from Steam to our new platform system, please follow the following steps:

Please download the latest version of the Deutonium Launcher installer from After the download has been completed you will need to run the installer and choose where you want to install it. After the Deutonium Launcher has been installed you can launch it from the shortcut you created or the start menu item.

When opening the launcher for the first time you will need to sign in or register an account. If you want to link your Steam account and maintain your current characters and progress you will need to select Steam from the sign in options:

Deutonium Launcher Login - Social login.png

After you've registered or signed in, you will be able install the game using the Install button:

Deutonium Launcher - Install Page.png

You will be presented with a window to select where you want to install the game to:

Deutonium Launcher - Install Window.png

The game will download and once the download and install process has finished you will be able to press the Play button to play the game.

Deutonium Launcher - Play button.png

Character sync: If you logged in using your Steam account you should do the following the first time when opening the game: when you open the game you should click on the Settings button and then the Gameplay tab where you will see an External Account sync button that you should press. You should only press this button once and wait for up to 2 minutes where you should get a dialog that confirms that the account syncing was successful.

Deutonium - Gameplay Settings Window.png

Firewall: If you have a firewall enabled. Please whitelist the following URLs for our launcher (and port 80 and 443 if that's not already whitelisted):

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