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Deutonium- Mission Farming

What’s better than the smell of brand new loot? Very little, in our opinion. Know your missions with this handy guide on mission loot, where to find it, how to farm it and how to use it. Also get some bonus knowledge on how to improve your mission quality.


Deutonium- Turabi Introduction (First NPC)

Introducing Deutonium’s first Non-Player-Character, the erudite Turabi paper merchant! Sell them your cities for a massive payout equal to a year's worth of paper production!


Deutonium- 5 City Building Tips

The nitty gritty on City Building, along with some advanced tips and tricks. We’ll make a master builder out of you yet!


Deutonium- Time Shift

Be the master of time with the Timeshift mechanic! Speed up time in your cities, allowing you to increase production and running speed. Einstein couldn’t have done it better himself.


Short Story

Loremaster Kilne, always looking for ways to assist Echoes in their various endeavours, has provided an excerpt from one of the many tomes of ancient knowledge found within The Great Library. May you find its words illuminating, Echo:

The Echo

I don’t remember much of that day. Flashes mostly. A lot of dust. Screaming children. These are all vague images to me. But there are two things that stand as clear as Deutonium crystals in my mind. The first was a sound. A horrifying roar like a thousand off-key trumpets, their buzz becoming a pressure that pushed into your mind and crushed your thoughts. Accompanying this sound were creatures the likes of which I had never seen before. Spikes and talons erupted from armored golems of varying shapes and sizes. A sinister, malicious energy was briefly glimpsed between the serrated plates that covered their bodies. It was clear that there was some ominous, unseen will that drove these alien automatons forward. Dozens of them swept across the settlement, cutting through the farmspeople like ribbons.

The settlement was mostly made up of Orshun and Narrhanmka families. Narrhanmka being those that we Orshun call the Turabi. I’m trying to be more respectful towards them because Hazan Vas Talagor, the Elnet’er overseer(the only Elnet’er planetside, I might add) gave me a stern talking to the other day for using the “derogatory” term when referring to the Turabi. Excuse me. The Narrhanmka. Besides these families though, the only others were a group of Newfolk. Humans, they call themselves. They’ve only recently become a spacefaring race but they’ve already proven themselves to be quite the resourceful species.

It was the Sargos tree, a semi-sentient plant-based lifeform, that was the main source of income for the farming settlement of Harker’s Hope. The Sargosi would be harvested and sent to the nearest refinery to be processed into living lumber. Apparently it's become quite the popular commodity and, as such, Harker’s Hope was flourishing.

Until the sky became red and the trumpet sound bore into our minds.

Afterwards I spoke to some of the elders that survived. They had a name for this sound and the vile golems it unleashed. They called it The Malice. They spoke of a myth that centered around its creation, that it dates back to a time before time was even a concept. They told more tales of aeons past but my strength had left me and I was soon unconscious, the pain of my injury just too much to bear.

I was in the fields, inspecting a crop of Sargosi that had been infected by some redworm when the attack happened. I ran towards the settlement, towards the screams. It was difficult to see anything through the dust. Then I heard a screech behind me and spun around as a clawed hand slashed my shoulder. Pain shot through my arm and, having already been acquainted with such sensations from years in the Orshunnak military, I realized that I had been poisoned. I stumbled backwards as the automaton in front of me raised an armored foot to bring down upon my chest. Just as the beast was about to crush my ribcage, I saw the second thing that was as clear as Deutonium crystal to me

A bright light sprang into existence behind the golem. A figure stepped through that light, a figure that was clad in the finest armor I had ever seen. She was Newfolk, that much was certain. But there was a power about her that was tangible, that sent vibrations through my body. She carried a blade of some luminous material that seemed to phase in and out of reality.

And, with barely any effort, she cut through the golem that threatened me like it was made of paper. She locked eyes with me and, in that moment, I knew I was going to be alright. As my consciousness began to wane, I tried to see where she went after she rounded the corner of the storehouse against which I lay. The dust consumed her but I caught glimpses of her sword flashing here and there. Then I fell into darkness.

I awoke later to cries of pain and anger. I had been brought to a small warehouse where the injured were being treated. She was there, moving among the wounded, healing those she could, mourning for those she couldn’t. The loss of life was substantial, but those that survived were grateful to be alive. Then she was at my side. She explained that she had stopped the poison but it would be some time before I would be able to use my arm again. And she could do nothing for the pain. I didn’t know what to say. All I could ask her was:

“Who are you?”

She smiled and moved to the next bedroll.

Later, when I had recovered a bit, the old ones talked about the mysterious stranger that appeared so suddenly and vanished so quickly. She had saved the settlement. None could tell me her name for she never revealed it to anyone. All they could say was that she was one of the chosen. Those who were touched by the ancient gods and who could perform wonders we could only dream of.

They called her…

The Echo.