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Any dungeon can be completed in multiplayer.

  • Items are spawned per player - everyone gets their own.
  • Everyone gets full loot for crates and enemies.
  • Mob HP and damage do not scale with the amount of players in the run.
  • Players can only get items with an item level up to two levels above their highest completed solo difficulty.

Joining a multiplayer dungeon[]


You can join a multiplayer dungeon by press "p" on the keyboard and joining a party of the member you wish to join. This will open up a small icon next to their name on the top left, which if clicked takes you into the same mission.


There is no UI for creating/joining multiplayers yet.

When a dungeon is created its instance number is displayed in the status bar (e.g. #1). You can join other players with the


command from the chat.


Dungeons scale with players entering/leaving:

  • +100% enemy HP for each additional player
  • +30% enemy damage for each additional player
  • Players gain +30% HP and Power for each additional player


  • Tank
    • Gear priorities: Mitigation, HP
    • Engage first to get threat
  • Healer
    • Gear priorities: Intelligence, power, power regen, power on hit
    • Heal is AoE
    • Heal scales with intelligence
  • Chanter
    • Gear priorities: Battle chant upskills
    • Battle chant duration can be doubled with upskill rolls