Deutonium Wiki

Movement speed cannot drop below 1.5 m/s or exceed 9.6 m/s.  

See also % Movement Speed item modifier.

Temporal protocol and weight[]

Your exo-suit can support a limited amount of weight before you lose speed. This starts at 5kg and each level of temporal protocol increases your carrying capacity by 1kg.

Your movement speed multiplier is calculated as Capacity / Carrying (e.g. carrying 10kg with 5kg capacity = 5 / 10 = 50%). The movement speed multiplier effect from temporal protocol and weight cannot drop below 50% or exceed 150%.

Bonuses from equipment like boots and back are additive with the base movement speed multiplier.

Movement speed[]

3.6m/s * Multiplier


  • [v0.69] Increased max movement speed to 8m/s
  • [v0.52] Increased base movement speed from 2.5m/s to 3m/s
  • [v0.52] Increased max movement speed from 5m/s to 5.5m/s