Deutonium Wiki


Deutonium Missions are a source of endless levels – meaning you can get infinitely stronger. As such the mobs also become stronger – but the loot gets better as they get stronger.
To make sure you get to the most levels you can in Deutonium, here is a quick crash course.

Starting a Mission

To start a mission in Deutonium you’ll have to be in a city - Running a mission provides Knowledge to the city you are running the mission from.

To start a mission - go to the navigation panel on the bottom bar

Select Missions - Second from the left

Select a Mission you would like to complete-

Gathering Intel

Choose whether you would like to gather intel(Credits) or escalate the mission difficulty(Challenge Tokens). Both of these are optional but increase rewards. Escalating a mission would increase its level to the next level. ( Level 1 Mission -> Level 2 Mission ) Player built cities such as Crypto 2.0 provide mission intel at a low price to any player.

Mission- With no bought intel

Intel bought by a player – making the mobs stronger – but increasing rewards.

Mission is set to 360% better items – with Crafting machines set to drop only helmets

Mission with no bought intel - having spent 0/12 reward points.

Level Ups

Levels are gained primarily from killing monsters in missions – Each level gained grants a single protocol point. Protocol points can be used in the Protocol panel. The panel can get accessed by pressing “x” on default. These points can be spent in one of 4(currently) expertise. They include Survival (Health, resistances, and damage reduction through armour), Memory protocol (Maximum power and Increased experience gained), Destruction Protocol (Base Damage), and Temporal Protocol (Increases your total exo-suit weight - This is linked to gear, every item has a weight requirement. Equipping heavy gear, which is stronger, will slow down your character, ultimately leaving you stationary)

Example of an experience bar

Protocol Points

Example of a protocol panel with 1086 spent in Destruction Protocol, 103 in Memory Protocol, and 700 in Temporal Protocol.

- Survival

Survival Protocol gives your character more armour, resistances, and HP(Hit Points). It increases your characters overall durability.
Tip: Survival Protocol is not a necessity on early missions but if you would like to climb the ranks and do higher-level missions, you will need the extra tankiness to survive the damage from the monsters

- Memory

1.83x boost to exp(accumulation of research/gear(seals) and memory protocol points)

Memory Protocol gives your character 0.5% more experience per point. This stacks multiplicatively with your research and gear. Since the experience cap has been introduced - having memory protocol points are needed - but should not be your main spent protocol, as once it has hit its cap - the rest of the experience is lost. As of late 2021, memory protocol also grants 1 maximum power per level, making it a good choice for anyone looking touse high level skills.

- Destruction

Destruction Protocol gives your character more damage. This is one of the strongest points you can spend in the early game. It’ll allow you easier mission runs. The damage from Destruction Protocol also gets added to Sweep / Titan Strike / Basic Attack. Destruction protocol gives 0.5 - 1 damage per point.

- Temporal

- A small popup showing the amount of temporal protocol needed to achieve 150% movement speed. Dropping under the threshold would start to decrease your character’s movement speed. Movement speed is essential for clearing missions quickly. Movement speed can further be increased by items and tech in the research tree, as can many of the RPG stats throughout the game.

These skills can be reset at any point using the rest button on the Protocol Panel


The best use of early levels is between Memory protocol and Destruction protocol. These give you a mix of clearing faster due to more damage as well as having more experience to level up faster.
Fully investing in memory protocol is not worth it, due to leveling limitations.

To limit power-boosting from multiplayer, experience gained is currently capped per enemy, see list below:
Max % of level from Boss: 20%
Max % of level from Consumable: 20%
Max % of level from Mob: 2%
Max % of level from Totem: 2%
Max % of level from Swarm: 0.66%

Character Statistics

Character Statistics

While viewing the Protocol Panel, on the right, you can view all the stats on your character. This includes the damage of your character, health, and resistance. These stats are essential to progression as they indicate your current strength. Certain consumables also enhance these stats temporarily, lasting the entire mission.

Example of an objective found in the mission layout - LWH

Mission Objectives

Mission Objectives are found on the top right of the screen. Completing a mission in a city, rewards the city with the Knowledge reward, and the player with the player reward. The player reward is set by the owner of the city. Such as 1 RP(Research Paper) per 1 Knowledge, this would mean completing a 10 knowledge mission would reward the player completing the mission 10 RP.


Death in Deutonium is not the end! When you die in a mission you do not fail the mission. You start over from the start of the mission - with all mobs you killed - still dead!

The downside? You start with less than your maximum HP and Power.
Tip when you are faced with death: Remember the spawns of Water Totems! You can run up to one and heal, as well if you have power on hit, you can hit the totem to restore power

Notable Enemies:


Totems / are both your allies and your worst enemies. Totems affect all characters and NPC’s in an AoE radius around them

There are currently 4 totems in-game, with the same AoE radius.

Water Generators, Heal all units periodically in an AoE radius

Fire Generators, Provides an echo and all monsters increased damage.

Earth Generators damage all players in an AoE radius. Damage type = Physical

Air Generators, Slows all players around the totem.

The one to be most feared are the Fire Totems when facing a boss or a swarm of mobs as the damage increase could be more than your character can handle – but if used correctly against a swarm you might one-shot them! Standing on the edge of a Fire Totem and keeping enemies at bay is a great tactic when attempting a higher difficulty boss fight.

Water and Earth Totems also become a problem if you go a few levels higher than your pay grade. Earth Generators hit hard when you don’t have the required resistance and Water Totems would heal up the damage you do – making it null and void.

Tips for using to your advantage totems.

- Keep an eye on the status bar on your character! All the buffs from totems show up on the bar.
- Do not instantly destroy every Water Totem you see. They can be used to heal you after you’ve died, as well as to stack some power if you have power on hit from any of your gear pieces.
- Earth Generators are most easily dealt with Sweep (You can add sweep range if you like it!). These generators are squishy and you’re able to kill it with relative ease, but if you are under-leveled then they are the scariest thing in the Deutonium Universe
- Fire Generators are your best friend and worst enemy at the same time! Be sure to use them to your advantage – such as having the boss out of the range of one – whilst you are benefitting from the full increase (50% increase to critical strike chance!)

Self Destruction Monsters.

Boomer spiders charge up their self-destruction skill.

Some monsters are rigged to explode! Boomer Spiders and Boomer enemies start a timer to self-destruct when they reach you. This does true damage(Does not get mitigated by resistances) and can be a lot more than you expect.

Boombots and Khadrod work a little bit differently - as when they hit 50% life their self-destruction starts - monsters still attack you while self-destructing so you have one or two choices, flee faster than they chase or kill the monster before it explodes!

Example - Boomer Spiders/Khadrod(Boss)

Remember: When these monsters explode - they do not provide you with any resources - therefore you are getting less loot if you let them self-destruct.

Invulnerable mobs

Invulnerability seen on Spiderlegs

Some mobs can turn themselves invulnerable. You’ll notice a bubble around them at this point(With Spiderlegs you’ll notice a debuff on it’s a status bar above the HP of the monster). This invulnerability does not last long, normally you can kite them through this phase.

Example: Spiderlegs(Boss) or Drones(Flying mob)

Special Mentions:

Chachasaurus - Incredibly tanky boss - has regenerative powers

Resources / that you farm in Deutonium comes from killing monsters and opening chances to spawn loot boxes across all missions. Resources can be divided into 2 categories –

Cities and missions

Resources: Missions

Ancient Circuits

A player gaining 2.35 Ancient Circuits

Above picture – Item with no Enhancements, Upskills, or seals.

Ancient circuits are one of three essentials of crafting – you get ancient circuits by salvaging gear. Ancient circuits are used to add an enhancement to gear. This enhancement is normally a base stat written in blue. It can be rerolled until an item is sealed. An enhancement is a good way to secure a stat you would like on a piece of gear, such as if you are running a static charge build and would like static charge on all pieces.
You can salvage gear by pressing V in your inventory then left-clicking on the items you would like to salvage.

- Salvage button as seen in-game on the inventory panel.

Ancient Neural Nets

A Battle-axe with a seal (Percentage chance for ANN on monster kill)

Ancient Neural Nets are obtained by killing monsters or by equipping gear that has a percentage chance for Ancient Neural Nets seal.

ANN is used to add an upskill to your armour, this allows you to unlock more spells. ANN is an expensive commodity when you start, the best way to get skills at the start is by looking through the items bosses and crafting machines drop.

Ancient Processors

Ancient Processors earned by a player

Ancient Processors are obtained by using Ancient Servers. Ancient processors are used to seal an item – finalizing it, means you can’t change the enhancement or upskill on the item anymore.

After an item is sealed, you unlock the ability to upgrade the piece of gear. Seals are random – making it hard to get the perfect piece of gear but not impossible. For the early portion of the game, the seal is not the most important bit of your item as it doesn’t determine your strength – but rather has a boost for the character.

Ancient Server as seen in-game.

The percentage would be replaced with the actual percentage in-game.


Consumables can be enhanced by up to 150%.

Consumables are gained from killing monsters such as swarms, or from setting crafting drop consumables. Consumables can hold numerous resources or benefits to your character including:

  • Batteries(Missions / City)
  • Nanites(Missions)
  • Acceleron(Missions)
  • Better Items Consumable(Missions, duration of the mission)
  • Experience Consumable(Missions, Instant Experience)
  • Maximum Power(Missions)

Also, see Challenge Tokens

- Challenge tokens.

Challenge tokens are used to escalate a mission while in the city – this increases its difficulty and makes it more rewarding. Challenge tokens are earned by completing a mission layout the fastest after a server reset

Example: Cloud is the first to run an LWH mission, he finishes the run in 2 minutes and is awarded 5 Challenge Tokens. Huntress runs an LWH mission and completes it at 2 min 30 seconds, and is not rewarded. Afterward, Huntress completes the mission in 1 min 40 seconds and gets rewarded 5 Challenge Tokens, therefore, setting the new fastest time.

Can also be earned with a % Chance for Challenge tokens drop on seal unlock (Under seals section)

Resource uses: Cities:

Quantum Credits

- Quantum Credit

Example of a loot box containing Quantum Credits

Quantum Credits are used to fuel your cities. Cities use up daily Quantum Credits depending on the size of the city - Quantum Credits are also spent on the in-game stores to unlock skins for characters. Value: Very High

Nanite Alloy

- Nanite Alloy

Example of a Nanite Alloy Loot Box

Nanite Alloy is generally used in city-building for placing nanite cores. Value: Medium

Smart Pipe

- Smart Pipe

Example of a Smart Pipe loot box

Smart Pipe is generally used in city for the plumbing and cooling of your city. Value: Low

Infused Concrete

- Infused Concrete

Example of an Infused Concrete Loot box

Infused Concrete is generally used for roads and buildings. Value: Medium

Living Lumber

- Living Lumber

Special interactable in GHW that gives Living Lumber. Found in the Biome

Example of a Living Lumber Loot Box

Living Lumber is generally used to place beds in city - 1 Living Lumber equals 1 civilian in your city. Value: Medium


- Found from consumables and from killing monsters. Used in City Building as well as Mission Running. Using it in a mission restores your power. Mostly used for Trucks and Solar Power in City Building.

Resource Uses: Missions

Crafting Machines

Crafting Machines as seen in missions

Crafting machines have 3 USES. They cost Ancient Circuits to use. Crafting machines are almost always used as salvaging the gear you don’t need – would give you an ancient circuit surplus. Crafting machines can be set to a specific item – such as chest pieces or consumables – this is done from the City Mission interface – this allows for easy target farming of certain pieces of gear.

Gear Improvements: Crafting


Enhancement button as seen in-game on the inventory panel.
To enhance an item – open the inventory panel and press the enhance button – then select the gear you would like to enhance/reroll the enhancement. This costs ancient circuits.

Recommended stats on an enhancement can vary:

If you need to be tankier – Armour and Dodge are great stats to mitigate the base attacks of monsters. Resistances are helpful for specific situations where mobs do damage from that type (Such as Radioactive or Electrical Resistance). Max HP is always a plus to have as it covers all damage types but only stacking up on Max HP wouldn’t give you the most EHP(Effective Hit Points). Having a mix between HP and resistances with some points from the protocol panel in survival would offer you the best chance at surviving. Interesting ones are deflect and dodge (deflect reduces the damage taken from critical hits, while dodge can skip an entire attack –  but remember enhancements such as static charge can’t proc on the same attack as dodge or deflect.

If you need more damage – Increasing Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage – paired up with some destruction protocol you’ll be slicing through the mobs at a much quicker pace. Your amulet and rings can also roll damage modifications which will help increase your damage immensely.

Above picture – Item with an enhancement of (+21) Electrical Resistance

Defensive stats:
Armour - reduces the damage you take from attacks.
Dodge - gives you a chance to dodge an attack from an enemy
Deflect - reduces the critical damage done by monsters
Radioactive Resistance  - Reduces the damage taken from Radioactive monsters
Electrical Resistance - Reduces the damage taken from Electrical Monsters
Fire Resistance - Reduces the damage done by Fire Monsters

Static charge - Returns damage to enemies when attacked.
Critical Strike Chance - Increases the chance for a critical strike
Critical Strike Damage - Increases the damage done by a critical strike

Power on hit - Restores power when you hit an enemy
Life on hit - Restores life when you hit an enemy
Power/5s - Regenerates power over 5 seconds
Movement speed - Increases character movement speed


Upskill button as seen in-game on the inventory panel
To upskill gear, press the upskill button – then select a piece of gear you’d like to upskill. If it already has an upskill it’ll reroll the upskill. Giving it a different upskill or a different level of the already obtained one.

Some of the best skills to pick up early

Chest piece – Battle Chant, an increase to your basic attack and ability damage. Gets stronger per level that it is upgraded.
Gloves – Basic attack, increases the damage you do with basic attacks to monsters and totems
Boots – Dash, rolls a short distance forward. Useful as a mobility skill to get around in missions
Wrist – Sweep, AoE attack, useful for a group of monsters
side note on sweep: You can get a stronger version of sweep if you put the upskill on your 2h Weapon, but then you sacrifice the power of running titan strike (Single target nuke)
2h Weapon – Titan Strike / Sweep – your main damaging abilities.
1h Weapon - Interrupt
Amulet – Heal, this is great for group runs as it is an AoE Heal
Helmet – 30% more damage, 30% more healing, or 30% damage reduction – depending on your playstyle you’d like to go for one of the three.
Rings - Power on Dash is valuable as you retain some power after dashing.

You can also upskill gear to have +Skill power. This makes all the upskills quite a bit stronger.

Interrupt is a good tool you can add to your arsenal. Interrupt stops exploding monsters from finishing their timers, but it is not a necessity. It’ll decrease your chance of a Boss such as Khadrod exploding on you.

How to equip skills:

Pressing “K” on the keyboard brings up the skills menu – if you have an upskill on a piece of gear – drag that spell/skill to the bottom menu on the desired hotkey.


Seal icon as seen in-game on the inventory panel
To seal gear, open the inventory panel – press the seal button – select the gear you would like to seal

CAREFUL! After gear gets sealed it can’t be undone!

The seals in-game currently are:

Percentage More & Percentage Better Items
Percentage More Credits
Percentage More XP
Percentage More Building Materials
Percentage Chance for Ancient Neural Nets
Percentage Chance for Challenge tokens

Reset Item

Reset item as seen in-game on the inventory panel
Resetting an item will reroll the stats - this is most effectively done with high-level gear and costs Ancient Processors - The more percent better items you have - the higher your chances of getting sweet loot!

Disassembling Gear(Upgrading of equipped gear)

To upgrade gear - we have to disassemble gear of the same type. This is done buy press shift + V and holding shift. Dissembling gear would remove it from your inventory(Gaining modparts) and then taking those modparts and adding it to sealed gear of the same type you are wearing.

Using Consumables in missions

Consumables are used to gain missing HP and Missing Power, as well as to get extra dash charges – but it does come at a cost!

Using spells would use resources such as:


Nanites – Restores missing HP (Heal) (Default T)


Batteries – Restores missing Power (Default R)


Acceleron – To give you dash charges (Default Z)

These resources have other uses that could be more suiting! Maybe spending your excess batteries into city building or using your nanites/acceleron to progress through the research ranks, but if you do get into a tight spot with an escalated mission, it could be worth the use.

Mission Layouts:


CGC is open with a lot of monsters! Easy experience farming if you know a route and have worked one out. Placing Flags(F / 1) Key on the keyboard is a helper here to ensure you don't double clear rooms!


LCQ is a fairly straight forward map - with easy farms for Nanite Alloy and Infused Concrete. One of my personal favorites as it is one of the easiest to complete missions.


LWH used to be the farm galore - now more balanced. Don't forget to loot upstairs in the main room of LWH! It holds valuable resources only blocked off by a few pesky totems.


GHW is similar to LWH - but doesn't have an upstairs area. It has it's own biome and is the layout known for farming Living Lumber, so if you're ever short, go run a few GHW's and see your problems vanish!

Use the guidelines above to finish the course.

1. Finish the tutorial.
2. Use Nanites to restore health – Use Batteries to restore power.
3. Loot 10 of each building materials (Nanite Alloy, Smart Pipe, Infused Concrete and Living Lumber)
4. Enhance, Upskill, and Seal gear – Upgrade a piece of gear 3 modification levels.
4.1 Unlock a skill with an upskill.
4.2. Equip skills to your action bar
5. Hit level 20. and take a screenshot
6 Solo Complete a level 3 Difficulty Mission. and take a screenshot!
7. Join a multiplayer play session.
Screenshot your character with Khadrod, Silentlegs or Charcharosaurus.
All of these can be completed, and proof can be sent to @Huntress or @Cloud
After the completion of the Missions Guides Course, the City Guides Course has been unlocked!