Deutonium Wiki

The War-Drobe!


Balance Changes


  • Increased the Time Shift Reagent Strength of Ancient Circuits from 300 to 600
  • Time Shift now has a base cooldown of 24 hours
    • Added Time Drive Cooling 1/2/3 infrastructure that reduces the cooldown of Time Shift by 2/2/8 hours
  • Windmill now requires Tier 7 knowledge (up from tier 5)
  • Coal Power Station now requires Tier 10 knowledge (up from tier 6)


  • Halved the Living Lumber that totems and generators can drop
  • Doubled the Batteries that totems and generators can drop
  • Increased Challenge Tokens from mission records to 25 (up from 5)
  • Killing bosses now reward you with 2 Challenge Tokens.


  • Reduced the cost of the Deflection research by 400%
  • Reduced the cost of the Empowered Hits research by 500%



  • Updated and renamed armour sets to more appropriate names.
  • Added buttons to quickly switch from the Market to Research and from Research to the Market


  • Added more sounds to CGC(Core, Cinema)
  • Added more combat sound(Taking damage, doing damage, avoiding damage)
  • Added Disassemble toggle to Inventory.
    • Replaced cursors' and buttons' images correspondingly
    • Added Disassemble feedback text that shows how many mod parts the item has gained and if a mod has leveled up.
  • Added the ability to compare with an item on the ground (ALT)
  • Removed podium from LWH and changed some of the rooms layout


  • You can now synthesize Deutonium(commodity) in cities from knowledge. This option is available from the city infrastructure page.
  • Empty tile locations can now be seen on the ZAC if there are 10 left
  • Unemployed Citizens and Buildings Not Producing will now only show locations if there are less than 10 left
  • Time Shift Reagent Strength can now be seen in the market place for each commodity.
  • Added toggles to the building info panel for Components, Citizens and ZAC warnings
  • You can now upgrade the technology of all the buildings in a zone by pressing F8 with any Building Tooltip open



  • The Challenge Token seal is now % More Challenge Tokens instead of % Challenge Tokens on Kill
  • Added a GO TO CITY option and ABBANDON mission option to the main menu
  • Added a scripted event to GHW

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a typo in tutorial subtitles
  • Fixed an issue where the music would start very late in lobby
  • Fixed a bunch of issues relating to armour clipping
  • Fixed a tooltip issue where it would end up covering the item you are trying to view


  • Fixed an issue where deleting a nanite core would sometimes throw an error
  • Changed layer order so that the Turabi UI should no longer interfere with the background
  • Boosted audio levels on some placeables in city
  • Fixed an issue where you could not delete a lux shower.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs surrounding the build menu (If you find any weird bugs with it, let us know!)
    • Fixed performance issues with opening and closing the build menu
  • Fixed a visual glitch where workers would show incorrectly if firing in a different order than was initially hired in
  • Fixed an issue where terrain tools would not deselect
  • Building tooltips will now update power grid data accurately when building during a time shift
  • Fixed animated placeables loosing the Time Shift animation speed when you get out of render distance and return
  • Changed the time shift vfx - will readjust it at a later point again!
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the last core in a zone - would produce an error
  • Only one Speech Bubble (Sell To Turabi) can be opened at a time


  • Made so that mobs status bars appear further away
  • Adjusted colliders to prevent clipping of mobs into doorways/stairs
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would be stuck between the character and a wall
  • Improved the Black Crawler animation
  • Changed interaction effects so it stays on forever with changing colours
  • Improved item tooltips
  • Totems no longer affect you through floors
  • Reworked air generators VFX
  • Improved the signs found in LCQ
  • Changed a few UI interactions to prevent having multiple UIs on top of each other
  • Made it so the player cannot bind Tab or Enter to any action as they are being used by the Chat and Hide/Show UI