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Crafting is the process of improving items. Crafting output depends on Item Level.


The crafting metagame[]

  • Salvaging items reward crafting mats.
  • Enhance items using Ancient Circuits to get up to 4 stats to get maximum bonus from your equipment. You can reroll the 4th stat until you get an optimal item.
  • Upskill items using Ancient Neural Nets to get an optimal skill bonus modifier on your items.
  • Seal items using Ancient Processors to gain a random 5th mod.
  • If the item is not satisfactory an any step in the crafting process you can reset it.
  • Enhancing item rarity increases its yield of mats when salvaged - which is a net profit on some slots (particularly of interest on waist, back, wrist and head)
  • Ancient processors and ancient neural nets are rare - increase your gain of them by using excess ancient circuits to enhance items before salvaging them.