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Civilizations are classified in 3 significant ways:

Example of a civilian attributes

Buildings that are staff-dependent are affected by the civilizations present in their cities. While the amount of production is only affected by technology, the distance the civilization is to the ideal classification will reduce or increase their material efficiency. A perfect match of civilization attributes gives reduced material consumption.

Building Aggression Sociability Advancement Other
Scout HQ - - - None
Coal Mine Fossils
Copper Mine Metals
Copper Wiring Plant Extrovert Primitive
Drone Factory Peaceful Introvert Advanced
Drone Supply Plant Peaceful Introvert Primitive
Electronics Plant - Introvert Advanced
Engine Assembly Warmongers - Advanced
Gear Factory - Extrovert -
Farm Fertility / Irrigation
House None
Hull Assembly Warmongers - Primitive
Iron Mine Metals
Nanite Assembly Warmongers Extrovert Advanced
Nanite Reclamation Peaceful Extrovert Advanced
Lab Introvert Advanced
Lumber Mill Fertility
Market - - - None
Mining Drill Factory Peaceful Extrovert Advanced
Oil Refinery - Introvert Primitive
Paper Mill - Introvert -
Shipyard Warmongers - Advanced
Silicon Smelters Rare Earth
Titanium Mine Rare Earth
Water Pumping Station Water Table
Windmill Turbulence