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In the wake of the Paperboy challenge, we've added some quality of life changes to Deutonium. This goes from power on dash getting a little bit of love after our last change to it, to a new mode where your speed in a mission can reward you with Challenge tokens, a real Challengers Glory. Small nudges have been made to make higher level missions more viable for farming with minor changes to city building following our latest City Building Challenge
"Dashes to first place"

What We've Changed


  • Increase Acceleron drops
  • Mission completion rewards now scale with the fastest completion on the server. This resets to 5 minutes after every server reset.
  • Every time player(s) set a new fastest time for a mission they will receive 25 Challenge Tokens and a chat announcement with the new record will be made.
  • The Challenge Token cost of escalating mission difficulty has been heavily reduced.
  • Removed enhance/upskill/seal freely on iLvl1 gear.
  • Every difficulty higher now offers 7.5% more building materials.
  • Each level now requires 0.2% more XP than the previous level (this is roughly 2x for every 800 levels). Higher difficulty missions now give more building materials. Every difficulty now rewards 10% more XP than the previous difficulty.
  • Halved the power cost of dash
    • +1 Max Dash Charges can now be found on all gear


  • Reduced storage from warehouses and underground storage by 5x.
  • Remote Infrastructure in cities will now show you current production, upgrade costs and upgrade benefits.
  • Cities no longer have rolls that affect missions started from them (previous enemy health and the spawn chances of several items were affected by city modifiers).
  • Removed all mission modifiers that affect the number of enemies that spawn.
    • Added new mission modifiers:
- Enemy Hit points Regeneration %
- Enemy Armor %
- Enemy Heat Resistance %
- Enemy Electrical Resistance %
- Enemy Radioactive Resistance %

(7) Bug fixes