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Getting started[]

  • Cities are divided into City Zones
  • Building Materials are required in the city stock to be able to build. Use the buttons City > Warehouse > Deposit.
  • Place a zone administration center
  • Lay some roads - all buildings have to be next to them.
  • Place interim housing to gain knowledge, to unlock housing.
  • You can now build other buildings to gain production in the economic direction of your choice.
  • Different city types produce different resources, your planet can also affect which resources produce faster on it.

Tips & tricks[]


Deutonium- Getting Your First City (Buying Cities)

This video covers the basic steps needed to buy a city on planets. A useful guide to any new players looking to start their very own city.


  • Cities on difficulty 1 planets are free to build
  • Cities on difficulty 2+ planets require credits to purchase from their current owners
  • You can have 50 cities


  • [v0.66] Cities now available on all planets
  • [v0.52] City cap per player increased from 10 to 50
  • [v0.51] Added city building restrictions