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Balancing fates is live! (v0.20210705.1 - 2021/07/07)

Complete with bug fixes and improvements, we're ready for yet another wave of spiderlings!

What we changed:

  • Boss kills now give half the experience.
  • Boss HP and damage have been reduced for difficulty 1 and 2 missions.
  • Heatsinks have been reworked in city-building.
    • They are no longer dependent on turbulence.
    • They have a high initial Smart Pipe cost.
    • They offer free cooling.

What we fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where player levels would reset after multiplayer missions.
  • Fixed a bug where some mystery eggs wouldn't display an area of effect.
  • Fixed a bug where left mouse button wouldn't be assigned to attack.
  • Fixed a bug related to the player cursor getting stuck during loading screens.
  • Fixed null reference pop-ups (2).
  • Fixed placements for multiple objects in city-building mode (2).
  • Fixed various tooltips and UI elements (4).

As always, thank you guys for all the support and keep on grinding!

Let us know how the new boss HP and damage feels :)