Deutonium Wiki


  • Replaced the old procedural mission system with a lore driven, fixed mission environment system with a new campaign.
  • First Iyr's first campaign mission now has 3 crafting machines with 100% spawn chance for main hand, offhand and two handed weapons; and an objective to use crafting machines 9 times. Following mission’s machines are then randomized.
  • Offhand, Main Hand and Two Handed weapon crafting machines now drop the plasma models used by characters.
  • Added a new crafting machine.
  • Removed Mission Points.
  • Missions no longer scale with the amount of players in them.
  • Crafting machines now only drop items for the user.
  • Commodity and item drops are now split between all players that are in range (30m).
  • Mission rewards are no longer impacted by a player's previous cleared content level.
  • Final mission rewards are split between all players who participated in a meeting.
  • XP rewards remain unchanged.
  • Unequipping your helmet will now remove training mode.  Switching your helmet with a different rank of training mode will now instantly change the active effect's rank.  This prevents interactions with other helmet effects (like DPS buffs) that should not be available when training mode is active.
  • Threat range for Ion Sneakers and Ranger's Boots now scale with item level (up to item level 25)
  • You will now keep mission-specific stats (like better items) when leaving and rejoining a multiplayer mission
  • Crates and mobs now drop living lumber, smart pipe and iron (replacing Building Material drops). Mostly iron.
  • Crate rewards now increase 3% per mission difficulty.
  • Chests no longer have a chance to drop building materials.


  • View your research status in your city, shows when research is inactive/ will finish.
  • Home is now a main category of the building menu, with a Décor subcategory.
  • Zone Admin Desk has been moved to Décor -> Sciences -> Terminals.
  • Every bed in a housing tile now grants 1 housing.
  • Beds are limited to 1 per interim housing and 2 per house.
  • Every farmstead now provides 1 housing.
  • The death rate can no longer exceed 2% of population per hour.
  • Reduced organic population growth and death rates to 10% of previous levels.
  • Reduced population/hour from trade routes and biovats to 10% of previous levels to accommodate the new housing limits.
  • Knowledge and knowledge costs in all cities have been reduced to 10% of previous levels to accommodate the new housing limits.
  • Housing no longer has levels or a building material cost.  You can redeem all building materials used by retrofitting old housing.
  • Metropolitan Areas research now increases the knowledge of every citizen (previously increased population density).
  • Knowledge is now affected by housing type:
    • Farmsteads grant 0.5 per citizen per week and does not scale with Metropolitan Areas research.
    • Interim Housing grants 0.5 per citizen per week and scales with Metropolitan Areas research.
    • Housing grants 1 per citizen per week and scales with Metropolitan Areas research.
  • Living Lumber is a special form of lumber that can regenerate itself - lasting centuries. The Ancients used it for a variety of their construction projects and the Turabi frequently gather it and sell it on the market.  You've already learned to construct high-quality beds with it.
  • Hygiene now affects the death rate in cities.  You can increase hygiene by building bathrooms in your homes.
  • Smart pipes not only have self-repairing properties, but also route themselves through walls and offer protection against large temperature ranges.  You can learn to use them to construct bathrooms.
  • Cities will be receiving large changes of the next series of updates.
    • Optimizers have been removed from the game.  We are satisfied with their math and behaviour and they will return as part of building progression in the future.
    • Gravity no longer impacts building power production.  It will return at an individual object level in the future.
    • Removed admin efficiency. It will return in the form of worker and logistic systems.
    • Removed building levels, they will be replaced with placeable progression.
    • Removed building costs - objects will bear cost in the future with buildings repurposed as zoning.
    • Removed nanite swarms and refunded their cost to knowledge.  Alternative sinks for knowledge will follow.
  • Warehouses no longer scale with surrounding road. This will be replaced with logistical limits in an upcoming update.
  • Farms are no longer affected by an irrigation bonus. Future pipe mechanics will replace this mechanic.
  • Houses now allow up to 4 citizens and interim housing 2 citizens.
  • Bathroom items can support 2 citizens each.


  • Loading screen improved and now displays a message.
  • Removed seasonal leaderboards.

Balance Changes[]

  • Maximum mission difficulty is now capped at 25.
  • Escalate can no longer increase mission difficulty beyond 25.
  • Items can now drop with max iLvl 25.
  • Mods can no longer be upgrades above iLvl 25.
  • Reduced the range of rewards from party member actions from 50m to 30m.
  • On Kill benefits now apply to all party members in range, no longer just the player dealing the final blow.   This change also affects Training Mode and Dash Charge on Kill.
  • Upgrading mining site structures and defenses are capped for a single action. These upgrades include reinforcing extractors, extending supply holds, and extending batteries.
  • Maximum mining site attackers reduced to 10.
  • New mining site attackers now spawn with more hit points and damage.

Quality of Life[]

  • Lore fragments are navigated using keyboard controls A, W, S, D.
  • Escape and Settings menus now fade out when changing Field of View settings.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect portrait of party members is shown.  If a player’s statistics cannot be acquired, their portrait will display a black question mark instead of the orc avatar.
  • Fixed an issue with the particle effect of portals.
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the hologram in lore fragments.
  • Fixed an issue where the reticule does not disappear when interacting with lore fragment terminals.
  • Fixed an issue where an inventory item’s tooltip does not display all the information.
  • Replaced the loading screen splash art with a higher resolution image.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the loading screen when logging out or disconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from logging in, if the city they were last in has been lost and their campaign progress has been reset.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from clicking Play in Wardrobe.
  • Exact figures for population and housing are now available from the population tooltip in any city.
  • Fixed an issue where population and knowledge become negative after a short period in new cities.
  • Removed the population/hour city warning that no longer applies to the new population model.
  • City warning for supply usage is now based on current population instead of maximum population supported by housing.
  • The production info panel no longer states "Housing/hour" in its building breakdown.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not see in which direction the Road will face while building.
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain flattening tool creates gaps in seams of terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain flattening tool does not flatten across tile borders with sharp edges.
  • Fixed an issue where both the terrain flattening tool and build tool is active simultaneously.
  • Fixed issue where players could get under terrain in mining sites.