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Release notes - Deutonium - Version v0.20210525.1


DEUT-4241 Issue where player is not able to place floor tiles on paving

DEUT-4239 Coal Power Station has been removed from the Infrastructure menu (now in the power menu only)

DEUT-4238 Fix Audio driver with more than 5 spiders

DEUT-4208 Paving is not placeable in certain areas in the wild

DEUT-4151 Snapping issues with Scouts

DEUT-3926 Placing road tiles require frequent terrain manipulation

DEUT-3805 Most objects cannot be placed anywhere on a paving tile


DEUT-4242 Adding Ramp set for roads

DEUT-4218 Adding Missions to FISS Center

DEUT-4185 Waiting Room Music

DEUT-4174 Audio: Gasadult Mob

DEUT-4104 Add Exploration Areas to FISS Center

DEUT-4103 Add Enemy Spawn Areas to FISS Center