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City Updates[]

  • Labs:
    • Added to the final products menu.
    • Now requires 2 technicians and a physicist: physicists need 8 smarts.
    • Now requires a loading bay, physicist's desk, lab server and cooling.
  • Resized the Square dome to be used for Labs.
  • Resized the Paper Press to fit inside the Small Octagon dome.
  • The camera view no longer automatically switches between first person and third person mode and can now be toggled by pressing the "F" key.

Mission Updates[]

  • Replaced the sound effects for the Killer Mantis.

Balance Changes[]

  • Market Tax Rate increased to 10% (up from 1%).

Quality of Life[]

  • Added a final products menu to the object menu and moved cryptofarms there.
  • Added a chair to the cryptofarm menu.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed salaries for copper wiring plants not being deducted.
  • Fixed Knowledge gained in cities not always persisting.
  • Fixed cities that produce no water would have no production.
  • Fixed cities that pay no salaries would have no production.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would be suspended in the air when jumping on the edge of a road.
  • Fixed the doors on the house prefabs that were too small for character to enter.
  • Fixed assets not being placeable on the snap points of paving.

Fair Warning[]

We will be iterating on buildings rapidly throughout the next few patches.  Feedback is the primary aim now - we will let everyone know when their design reaches a stable point.