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City Updates[]

  • Copper Wiring Plant:
    • Added an Intermediates category to the object menu.
    • Added all objects that will be relevant to Copper Wiring Plants to their menu.

Mission Updates[]

  • Replaced the sound effects for the Charcharosaurus.

Quality of Life[]

  • Improved the tooltips for research to show the total accelerate cost and to show if you have enough mats available to fully accelerate.
  • Added Cooling to the Cryptofarm menu.
  • Added an Infrastructure category to the object menu.
  • Updated the look and snapping of loading bays.
  • Resized and added snap points to the Small Octagon Dome and Copper Wire Plant.
  • Recoloured Rare and Ultra rare inventory items to make it easier to distinguish them from Normal items.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Zones always showing as 0 in the Production Info panel.
  • Fixed Totems spawning over each other in missions.
  • Fixed an issue where doors in missions would not open for the player after they have closed, locking them in the room.
  • Fixed players needing to jump to get through the doors in missions.

Fair Warning[]

We will be iterating on buildings rapidly throughout the next few patches.  Feedback is the primary aim now - we will let everyone know when their design reaches a stable point.