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City Updates[]

  • Instant Trades
    • The Turabi will now only engage with your buy/sell orders and not create their own
    • Added NPC trades to sell most building materials in low volumes
    • Details on specific trades can be found in the wiki's Market Seeding page
  • Silicon Smelters
    • Now require a geologist (5+ charm).
    • Now require a shaft, smelter and loading bay.
    • Now uses lumber for their shafts.

Balance Changes[]

  • Reduced T1 electronics required per mission intel to 4 (from 6).
  • Updated the reward ratios for fleet combat.
  • Updated the material ratios for crates.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue where flags would not place properly.
  • Fixed ratios on mines between components that were calculated incorrectly.

Fair Warning[]

We will be iterating on buildings rapidly throughout the next few patches.  Feedback is the primary aim now - we will let everyone know when their design reaches a stable point.