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City Updates[]

  • Workers are now allocated to jobs with the least candidates first and then by their distance to work. This results in a much better fill rate for positions and workers.
  • The Coal Drill object has been renamed to Coal Grinder.
  • Showers, sinks and toilets now server 4 people each.
  • Added a Resource Buildings menu to help keep the object menu organized.
  • Lumber mills:
    • Added a new Lumber Mill menu that contains all the objects that will affect a lumber mill.
    • Now require 2 lumberjacks working there. Lumberjacks need to have 2 strength and 2 grit.
    • Now requires a loading bay, artificial forest and sawblade.
    • Sawblades now cost 1 Nanite Alloy.
    • Trees now cost 1 Living Lumber.

Balance Changes[]

  • Separated loading bay reserve capacity from its per trip capacity.
  • Reduced warehouse loading capacity to 4 (down from 10).

Bug Fixes[]

  • Cooling on Cryptofarms now display as a separate component. The old cooling display will be active and inaccurate for cryptofarms until we have migrated all buildings to the component system.
    • The old cooling display will still be visible, but will not be accurate for buildings that have the new one visible. We can only disable the old display once all buildings are converted to the new one.
  • Fixed an issue where Flower Garden Pot Plant would cause low FPS.

Fair Warning[]

We will be iterating on buildings rapidly throughout the next few patches.  Feedback is the primary aim now - we will let everyone know when their design reaches a stable point.